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Whether going to the United States overnight or going over seas for a few months, we will make sure your dog is safe, happy, and well looked after in our modern luxury dog boarding facility.

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Does your dog have lots of energy and you are just not finding the time to go for a walk? Try out daycare for dogs with us. Its safe, dogs are always monitored and put in size and temperament appropriate groups!

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Got a new puppy? Want to teach an old dog new tricks? We have classes for obedience, scent tracking, protection training, and so much more! We use positive training to encourage proper behaviours.

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Foundations Obedience Starting March 2

Foundations Obedience

Who can take this class?

* Puppies with at least 2 sets of vaccinations for Parvo/Distemper

* Any age dog that requires basic skills

* Any owner wanting to improve on their canine communication skills

* All family members including well behaved children are encouraged to attend all classes.

Monday evenings 6:00 - 7:00pm

March 2 - April 6, 2015 

6 Sessions  Price $185 including GST

Course Outline:

1. Intro to Canine Communication, Attention Skills

2. Sit and Sit/Stay

3. Loose Leash Walking, Basic Heel Position

4. Down and Down/Stay

5. Recall, ...


Valentine's Day Photo Contest!!

We are having another photo contest for February and this one is Valentine's Day Themed. We ask that you send in any photos of your dog that are heartheartheart Love Themedheartheartheart. Author: scott
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New Canine Harmony Website

As you all may have noticed, we have a new website.  It will be upgraded over the next few months to provide even more utility and information for our clients.  If you have any questions or issues please call our staff at 604-757-1787